Through a Taobao Search ask guest to earn commissions

is well known, Taobao passenger commission into a higher proportion of money can be made by Taobao only four steps to earn commission method:

1 choose to promote commodity

2 to target users to promote

3 buyers purchase

4 get commission

, like many ways to make money, looks simple, it is difficult to do, that is difficult to make money. Why is it difficult to analyze the existence of our current environment:

1 site program installation is simple, do a "decent" stand is very simple, and the data are very large;

2 Taobao promotion of the number of webmaster, fierce competition;

3 Taobao customer data is highly repetitive, the search engine to determine the contents of the repeat, included to reduce the flow of natural low;

4 most sites have been blocked off the promotion link, there is no way to display links to the target buyers;

in short, Taobao is more money, more people, people are not stupid.

how to effectively break through these, we need another way to earn commissions. I think you can break out from the following aspects:

1 selects the best programs, especially those that can generate static page data;

2 choose a higher commission rate is relatively high, buy the industry, and then select the best single product; such as positioning of the weight-loss industry, Taobao selected 10 from the list of weight-loss weight-loss products promotion;

3 use Adsense advantage, increase the propaganda and promotion of the chain, at the same time to further accumulate their own promotion resources and contacts;

4 statistical data analysis of user behavior, site optimization, change, improve the conversion rate.

You can ask

5 temporary promotion Taobao customer link, Tencent users enough for us to make a lot of money.

more than the contents of the simple, difficult to operate. Nobody can casually succeed, isn’t it?

come on!



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