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network is actually a is easy and fun, before a lot of people are making money for the network must have a technology that can make money, for example, to learn how to build, and recently very popular SEO, SEM for advertising etc.. Don’t these technologies can not make money on the Internet? The answer is No! In fact, there are many opportunities to make money online. Can change a kind of thinking to consider this problem.

1 to see if the site is a profitable website". I said that the profit is to see if he is a big company to do, so you can know whether he has enough money to maintain. Can be found on the website of the Ministry of industry and information ( is the record number of the bottom of the site is a regular company. If possible, look at him and the company. For example, to develop their own payment function (similar to Alipay.) this development up to the bank and cooperation, and to invest a lot of money. The purpose is to let us see what he is not a liar, if people do not because of millions of sites hundreds of thousands of dollars you delay you don’t give the.

2 a web site after the establishment of the promotion to do, it may be used to pull you off the assembly line. Pull a registered user to give you a few to dozens of commission. Of course, to see if he is in line with the first I said, if not, then it must be a liar.

3 website if related to pornography, must not go to. Greatly increased the risk of our collection, even if the commission does not have to do more. Because our country prohibits the existence of these things, so do not do it! As the saying goes: small world, the loss of Jingzhou.

4 meets the above conditions of the site, we continue to carefully check whether the site is a member of not too much, if a few people, means that there is a great chance to earn more money now society is the survival of the fittest. If tens of thousands or millions of members of the site, you think we can make a few money. I don’t think we can afford the electricity.

in recent months I have been in the fast website to buy a few cents a few cents to buy the product, and then to Taobao on the lower than the market price of the sale. After all, is genuine, many people rush to buy. Do two months about the net profit is more than 20 thousand, to January ten thousand of income. Because I love to do some new website, who is a big company, do not care about 28000 dollars. Therefore, the credibility of a reliable and simple to make money, happy to enjoy the pursuit of my life. The above is I do a little bit of experience accumulated Wangzhuan, we hope to help.

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