A bit of thinking about nternet Entrepreneurship

Compared with traditional industries, the network is the threshold of the lowest threshold, the highest success rate of choice. Of course, the network is also a bubble of the most serious industry, because the network company value are reflected through the website and website, is one of the most stable assets, once the server is down, power outages, or network paralysis, which website assets equivalent to zero with the traditional industry there is a huge difference. Before the start of the network must have a clear understanding of the network itself.

Second, to focus on. Not to mention small companies, large companies have more diversified failure example, in fact, more small companies, it must find a point to do it deeply, thoroughly, in order to accumulate all resources. Small companies everywhere will make you exhausted a lot of trial and error of enterprise resources. Focus is not to have something to do, so focus is very important. This is particularly worthy of our attention, through the observation of a few months I think our financial community writing is still somewhat diverse, the next step is to discuss with you together, to see how the site more attention.


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