A month to do the white earned 2000 share

a month, even DW will not do the white month 2000, today is the thirty-eighth day I joined the ranks of webmaster, recall the 38 day journey, really very sad. I only come from a training, of course, I do not say this training is to avoid advertising is considered to be.

first day to tenth day

I learn how to use the DW, ASP, PHP.FALSH. are many, because I saw a webmaster manual said above, grassroots webmaster before the beginning and all the same, so I have this day in continuous learning, is to understand a lot of. But then I found out that I overlooked a factor. In fact, I am very honest, I do not stand for the people to contribute, in order to make money. In fact, there are some things that can be done to others, such as do stand. I think this site I spent 50 dollars to do a single page template. The first step is good, I have a site.

tenth days to twenty-fifth days

I learned some of the basic knowledge of SEO, such as the content is king, the chain for the emperor’s truth. So in the article and the content of the above operations. Content, it is false original, the chain. I go to Baidu know, answer questions with their own web site. So not only do the chain also do promotion. And then to build a blog to promote the forum. I have 10 relatively good forum, specifically to do the chain, so that I know the day of the 2 Baidu plus the outside of the chain of the 10 forums, the way to do bookmarks, a day of the 10 bar. One day so much outside the chain. Then 3 days for a link. I like this after 15 days, the Baidu index 200 words do the 5 because I have to do is education products, so the first and fifth place is not what difference, after all most people don’t buy a website value, comparison. (my product commission is 230 single, a month of the transaction of the 4 single)

twenty-fifth days to thirtieth days

I found that there are a lot of industrial projects can be done, many people will ask how to find the project, after all, our own ability is limited. This is the point I share. We have to see the local information newspaper, there are a lot of home advertising, such as the hotel ah. Product ah. So these people are willing to put in the newspaper, is certainly willing to go to the network, but also regional. So we SEO is also very difficult. So that’s our two choice, not the project. My first pen is to find an advertising company, specializing in the LED, their key words is Nantong electronic signs. The results of a web site included, it was ranked 3 because there is no difficulty. The 3 day I got a commission of 400 dollars, to get rid of the cost of space, such as earned 300

thirtieth days to thirty-five days

I’m in my original site rankings can not afford to do a hot pot shop website promotion. In fact, I didn’t do. I just go to Baidu know do a lot of words. Nantong for example


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