Are you still booking iPhone 5 Lockerz integration site for you free of charge



Lockerz is an American social commerce website, after its founder and President Kathy Savitt went to the Yahoo Corp, the former chief operating officer of the company’s Mark Stabingas for the position of president. According to a statement from the U.S. Securities and exchange commission we learned that the site and the successful financing of $7 million 500 thousand. The investors, including the original investors Kleiner Perkins and Liberty Media, as well as the new addition of Live Nation and DAG Ventures, with a total investment of $80 million.

Lockerz is a new web site, users only need some simple operation on its website after registration, you can get the corresponding points, these points only accumulated to a certain number can be used to exchange the corresponding commodity. For example, the daily login, watch the video, invite friends to register and so are the way to get points, and points of exchange of goods is also very attractive, there are digital products and fashion supplies, etc.. If you successfully invited to 20 registered as a friend Lockerz, the system will automatically upgrade your account to VIP, and VIP is enjoying the benefits of double points.

does not sound a bit unbelievable, but this is not absolute. On the Lockerz site, users earn points called PTZ. A recent survey found that all users of the site together won 3 billion of the PTZ points, the equivalent of these points can be exchanged for millions of dollars of goods. In Lockerz, the convertibility of the goods are some famous brands, including All Mankind, James Jeans, Xbox, Nintendo, 360, Skullcandy, Canon and Olympus, so there is no unqualified products of inferior quality to the user exchange.

According to reports, the current Lockerz site has an average of 45 million people per month to log on to visit, and these people are mainly distributed in the age of 13 to the age of 30 young consumers. Lockerz is to seize this point, toward fashion and trends. Forward, to design the website into their favorite young style, and the introduction of those beloved goods, so there are a large number of users come to.

although Lockerz is free to register, but only through the invitation to join the site. Want to try to score points for a friend can first look at the bar on the Lockerz, you may be lucky enough to get an invitation to mail, open your Lockerz for material trip.

article source: Techcrunch


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