Not the same as 90 Entrepreneurs entrepreneurship is another way of life


look at these more cool, more drag, more two, younger, but never forced to 90 entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is another way of life


_ print journalist Huang Wenxiao Zhao Peng editor _ real Yu

"too too naive (too young, too naive)" young". This line from the Chinese partner, it is the founder of New Oriental Yu Minhong entrepreneurial story as a prototype, tells the story of the life of three venture partners. If 90 entrepreneurs to see here, perhaps the excitement of the egg to the screen directly to the. How young, young just means unlimited imagination. In mid April 2014, initiated by the host well-known international venture investment capital IDG campus entrepreneurship competition in Tsinghua University, the launching ceremony, IDG Capital Partners Li Feng said, a campus e-commerce company they just investment, was founded by three undergraduate students, two of them before the graduation season. As for investment reasons, the first is, "we like young people."

if an entrepreneur was born in 1990, he is now only 24 years old, his life is less than a century of length of 1/4. Take the time as the standard, the generation of entrepreneurs carry only put under the microscope is a Big deal too. But China is indeed worthy of 90 after such treatment. "We think that the 90 generation is a unique phenomenon in china. In Europe and the United States, there are differences between generations, but the difference is gradual." In other words, China is a unique generation after 90, DDT consulting human resources management partner, a special study of the problem after 90 Wang Tuoxuan said.

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" China partner, hard pioneer story performance in the film, Yu Minhong was born in 1962 is a microcosm of the generation of entrepreneurs. Generally speaking, after 90 parents generation, mainly after 60. These people are now present Chinese the pillar of society. Most of them have enough ability to provide their children with a good material living environment and education conditions. The life condition of hardware makes complete 90 greater freedom of choice, can be great strides towards the ideal kingdom of their own, without parents like that, in the ideal and the reality of the gap in the hard to climb. Such treatment, but also after the loss of 80 and forced 70 do not have.

of course, they’re all grown up with the internet. After the growth of mentor, in addition to parents, teachers, society, but also with an internet. The Internet broadens their horizons, so that they can learn from the best case of nutrients, to see a wide range of possibilities, so as to have the idea, and immediately practice. Chen Zheng was born in 1994 to a minimum contact with entrepreneurs in interviews, open their own companies to make wood flooring business, he said the Internet means he can stay at home, all over the world".

from a more general level, this is


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