Gong Haiyan love the entrepreneurial revolution make snap

financial weekly reporter Huang Jian / text

, like 10 years ago, Gong Haiyan has become a new person, into a field that she never set foot in.

now, she will start every morning from Shunyi, in 9 before the arrival of the office in Haidian, after a busy more than and 10 hours, only to return home nearly 40 kilometers away.

, like many entrepreneurs, she works every day, all the love has been buried in the bottom of my heart. She said, want to see a movie together with my family, but haven’t been to the cinema.

financial weekly newspaper reporter first saw Gong Haiyan, she was a small office with staff.

Gong Haiyan looks very young, her small stature, eyes long tail, see the scar makeup, wearing a blue sweater, voice is soft, is a typical southern "little women".

if she doesn’t introduce herself, it’s easy to be thought of as an ordinary employee in the office.

Gong Haiyan is known, because she founded Jiayuan dating sites, claiming to be "Helen of Troy" she was outside to "the first network matchmaker" name.

2011, Jiayuan successful listing, Gong Haiyan momentary fame are significantly. But a year later, the head of listed companies have not yet take the heat, Gong Haiyan announced that once again started to leave.

this year, she was 37 years old, from the "matchmaker" has become a "teacher". She founded an online education website called "91 foreign teachers".

Gong Haiyan said that working in a company for too long, it will inevitably feel tired, she enjoys the entrepreneurial process.

pay more for corporate executives

such as BITAUTO chairman Li Bin, vice president of Jiayuan quwei and Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan.

Beijing Wudaokou southeast corner Rossmax building, various English training institutions get together to survive, such as education, Department of education, Beijing IELTS School English huge sign hung on the glass wall, to attract students. Gong Haiyan’s new company is located on the 11 floor of block D.

new company’s office space is very small: less than 100 square meters of office, and a few less than 20 square meters of the compartment. Not spacious office, packed with 24 staff.

Gong Haiyan told reporters on the business card shows that her latest title is the founder and chairman of the 91 foreign teachers network. The new site in her retiring Jiayuan CEO shortly after launch.

Gong Haiyan told financial weekly newspaper reporter, before leaving Jiayuan CEO, she has registered a new company, will do and plan the next step.

November 16, 2012, the new company Gong Haiyan Beijing cloud Culture Consulting Co. Ltd. was established. 91 foreign teachers


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