Write a bunch of management system as well as several key employees

For all enterprises, the human resources department functions in other departments seems like an administrative supervision mechanism, a special charge system and the assessment of the government". Many managers also used to some of the problems on the internal management system is not built to blame. But in fact, wrote a lot of system, carried out a lot of work, the thing to do, the staff’s work efficiency is low, the effectiveness of human resource management work is not reflected.

One of the reasons why

the occurrence of the above phenomenon is "what" and "what to solve" way of thinking of the differences, it must be brought to our attention, is the current head of human resources, many companies often make trouble, wrote a lot of system, enterprise culture construction, training, career design do not stop activities etc.. On the surface, it seems very professional, asked why it is necessary to do these jobs, the answer is: This is an international advanced things, the truth must be so. In fact, the truth is that the current popularity of the Western version of the content of human resource management textbooks, the surface can not be refuted, but it is not effective.


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