Google Adsense violations set

Transferability of account

in your website sale or other transaction, AdSense account can not be transferred, along with the transfer or resale. For example, when a site of ownership or management changes, the previous owners or managers must undo this website AdSense account, and the new owners or managers to register a new AdSense account in his own name.

Place the

each page can display three ad units, but any two ad unit can not contain any of the same advertising. Placing two or more of the same ads on a web page constitutes a repeat of the behavior, which is contrary to the Google policy.

page can hold up to two Google AdSense for search (Google AdSense in the search box).

page elements can not cover the advertising, and the ad color must be to ensure that users can see all the text and other elements of advertising.

alternative advertising

code modification


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