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In April 1st, HP in Beijing the Great Wall Hotel held a "dynamic growth business success" tour, which is following the "real growth enterprise" concept after nearly a year of hosting, HP hope that through this exhibition, it cooperates with the client to convey experience. At the meeting, HP to grow the business needs to be refined into 6 adaptive infrastructure and management solutions, as well as 4 resource solutions, including the integration of IT programs.

The ideal state of the

HP public data center (UDC) is to enable companies to access data resources, such as tap water, so that IT devices can provide efficient computing capabilities within the enterprise.

HP reiterated that the integration of IT programs in the entire dynamic importance of growth enterprises, although it is in the basic position, but in order to solve the input and output less more of this contradiction, the most effective way is to reduce complexity of integration or IT infrastructure. Its specific advantages are as follows: reduce costs, improve service levels, reduce risk and enhance flexibility.

automatic growth concept over the past year, HP IT to ensure that enterprises in the integration of benefit. Data show that an international shipping company will be integrated into 20 data centers in 2, a year can save up to 10 million euros. A U.S. financial institutions with 4 HP Superdome server to replace the 17 servers, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

first is the capital, an integration to achieve the UDC level, and require millions of investment, to emphasize the integration of IT HP can save the cost, this is to save investment allocation calculation in several years.


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