nternet entrepreneurs note service virtualization is the future



UC as chairman and chief executive officer Yu Yongfu comes to a point, when Netscape’s failure is not the product, but because he will start its positioning as a software product instead of Internet products. Because Internet Co’s browser must serve as a platform, as in the past year, the development of Chrome can clearly see that the depth of its services to deepen. So in addition to the development of UC platform products, but also in the "United Front" ideas in the development of the upstream and downstream industry chain cooperation.

so, what exactly is the Internet service thinking?

service is a popular Chinese saying, in foreign countries, there is a term called XAAS (everything as a service), refers to all things can be used as a service to provide. This is the beginning of the concept proposed in the field of software, they proposed SAAS (Software as a service software as a service); then it was proposed not only software, hardware can also be a service that is IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service hardware as a service); then the server platform can also be a service, PAAS ((Platform as a Service platform as a service)…… Based on these conclusions, we can find that, in fact, all industries can provide services, all solutions have a tendency to serve.

The biggest feature of

IT is its service orientation. IT is the first in all industries to produce, manufacture and service stripped out, such as IBM, apple, they are the first to use technology to improve their own, and now IBM has 60% of revenue from services. Under the background of information technology, the tendency of service industry in the IT industry has led to the emergence of service orientation of all industries.

service is the meaning of the product, service, value chain interaction and other processes in the form of services to connect and provide. In other words, the service means, this thing is not mine, but I can use it. China Telecom is not mine, but I can go to the China Telecom to communicate.

enterprise service to meet the needs of customers in the form of integrated resources. It is called the real time, maximum, seamless to meet customer needs. In the process of meeting the needs, it is possible to use a form of outsourcing, the form of intensive resources, the form of integrated resources to meet customer needs.

this is actually a one-time delivery into a continuous product life cycle through the service model. This process is based on the management of information. That is, when necessary to match.

service may change the value of the future. Marketing "


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