Look at the recent GG for cheating punishment problem

Hello, dinner on Google GG and Baidu for offbeat colleagues, today and then continue to the last topic, discussion about recent GG on penalties for cheating and its internal to restore and remedy.

since March, a large-scale GG crazy K incident, resulting in a lot of occupation GG Wangzhuan friends ever since to lose confidence in the GG, the dynamic wait 4-6 month, found that GG is just like monkey show. Between the large number of K back in March and this month, a large number of K, but there are some encouraging offbeat intent to do GG webmaster, part of the account from the middle of this month’s resurrection can be seen, GG is not like a hammer and killed all Wangzhuan webmaster, so how to analyze the causes of K,


believe that read my article, friends all know I am engaged in what Wangzhuan business, here is not to say, at the end of the small AD. Then it says, my clients in a lot of people this month account resurrection, one of them was K more than and 20, midway recovered 16, and now K 3, then there are 13 numbers can persist until today (2009-7-28) and K in the mail the prompt everyone, everyone touched a nerve, can adhere to 1 hours at the gathering, Wangzhuan friends is more anxious, from time to time to see whether the login account payment, the focus is here! To most customers and personal experience, try to reduce the login account number at the same time, do not disclose any information about this account. So as to effectively avoid account association.

there are also friends, leading to the cause of K, 1, IP association. 2, machine association. 3, the method of association. 4, log association. 5, address correlation.

on the above 5 points, I made a personal opinion.

1, IP: mean multiple GG accounts in the same IP application or landing caught the attention of GG, this kind of low IQ problem believe any engaged in such operation will not make Wangzhuan friends.


Machine Association: means in cleared the local IP and COOKIS, on more than one account, but GG still has a way to judge this kind of situation, I personally think that the risk is relatively small, as far as possible, do not take the trouble to do a virtual machine to landing.

3, the method of association: meaning refers to the operation of multiple accounts at the same time, its operation is the same, or its choice of high priced words are the same, caused by the association. For example, the word stock, usually a click is about $1, 1 days will be 20 times the search, since you cheat the word, every click and go up to 200 times to search, you say GG and advertisers not because of doubt and artificial to check


4, landing Association: meaning similar to the above mentioned in the second, but there is a customer to reflect, through its users around the remote login account


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