Talk about how to put the hippie blog traffic into cash

is now more and more blog, the impact of culture is more and more widely. More blog, as long as the quality up, the flow of large, then how to convert the blog traffic into money?

below is my combination of several ways to make money on their website summary:

1, sell link

foreign exchange PR has a dedicated website for operations, trading links, credibility is relatively high, will not lead to adverse effects such as K. In many domestic websites will buy external links to increase their weight, because it affects the PR standard. So you can make money by selling links, simply to give others a link, a few months on it.

2, advertising alliance.

advertising alliance network many, of course, the most important is Google Adsense, the domestic Ali alliance can still. There are also a lot of very good foreign Union, to see their own exploration and vision. In fact, under normal circumstances, hundreds of thousands of IP traffic is relatively simple to do. If your blog is 1000IP, is very easy to earn pocket money.

3, the monthly advertising

for professional blog, because the target object is very accurate, so the monthly advertising is a good choice. First of all, the target group advertising, advertising will be more satisfied, because the flow of high quality. Secondly, the credibility of the manufacturers are much higher than those crooks, so that security has greatly improved. Third, the period of advertising revenue is relatively stable. So personally think this is the best way.

4, write soft

according to the nature of their own blog, then you can contact some manufacturers, the corresponding soft writing, the promotion of products services and so on, can also take the money, a good choice oh.

hope that experts in this area to communicate more, improve each other, reprint please keep the URL


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