Bubble learning network how to change the love of men into a deal

Author: Lu Haitian (WeChat public account: positive52energy)

i global horse reading is a study on how to pursue women’s knowledge (perhaps pseudo science), development in foreign countries for more than 30 years, in recent years the rise of Chinese. There are a lot of domestic research bubble team, and one of the largest, the most mature bubble network has already established 400 thousand of male registered users, and formed a set of their own business model. In this paper, the black horse reporter through interviews and finishing reports, for you to talk about how to learn to learn how to make a bubble.


source of bubble learning network

bubble from the English abbreviation "PUA". It is the "Pick-up Artist", that is, "the younger sister," the acronym, which means how to put the knowledge of the younger sister. It is believed that the ultimate purpose of human existence in the world is only two survival and reproduction. The key to achieving this goal is to appeal, that is, "no attraction," and that is the power of reproduction". The attractiveness of a man can be reflected through social status, income levels and the skills of men and women. The problem, however, is that the problem is a series of men and women skills. This door in foreign countries for more than thirty years of development theory, because the introduction of a number of people in the country, but also with the country more and more serious "mate crisis", and quickly spread in the country. Huang Zili, a scholar of ethics, thinks that it is essentially a kind of success, but it has a considerable degree of maneuverability because it absorbs the fruits of psychology and sociology. However, regardless of whether the bubble itself is valuable, the bubble is the main bubble learning network developed in this domestic and international environment, as of 2012, it has about 400000 registered users.

bubble network users

bubble network users are mostly 20 to 40 years old men. Their occupation, income, ethnic and other information are not the same. However, some of these features are the same.

1, the prevalence of gender problems, eager to seek guidance from others.

2, extremely eager to learn to change the fate of the bubble, improve their ability to get along with the opposite sex.

3, with considerable willingness and ability to pay.

What is the positioning of

bubble network?

any mature companies know that what kind of customers, on what kind of positioning. Paired with different pattern in Jiayuan, positioning is also different from the "street" and other social tools. Global learning network dedicated to solve is how to quickly contact with the opposite sex, but is committed to providing services to facilitate learning global male users, meet their hope that through improvement of their global attraction to women, and to enhance the effect and to get along with women’s desire. Therefore, it is a collection >


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