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reporter Zhao Na Beijing reported

YY Li Xueling, 56 Zhou Juan, snowball finance side of salmon, spring pocket doctor Zhang Rui, Tang Yan, Chen Mo Mo cloud technology group 800 Ding Xiuhong, Hu chen…… A NetEase of entrepreneurs in their fighting arena.

at the beginning of 2012, NetEase and a heavyweight left the venture – NetEase portal division president Li Yong. In NetEase’s 9 level management system, Li Yong ranks second only to NetEase founder, CEO Ding Lei and CFO live.

The core of a new member of the

team has worked in the NetEase, they include: Li Xin, co-founder and vice president, former general manager of NetEase portal marketing; co-founder, product technical director Guo Chang Chun, a former NetEase senior research manager; co-founder and director of a handsome, former NetEase of science and technology channel editor.

Li Yong is the new enterprise of education oriented Internet community "chalk net", the project has received six investment institutions of all ages, in which has not been on the line, "the fastest" IDG nearly ten million yuan capital injection chalk network. On line since August 27, 2012, accumulated hundreds of thousands of users of chalk network. Civil Pro products ape exam in 2013 2 at the end of the launch, in a week’s time has accumulated nearly 60 thousand users, on the online answer most reached more than 80 times.

NetEase brothers even venture

April 2012, Li Yong officially bid farewell to NetEase, began his entrepreneurial journey. At the same time leaving, as well as old man Li Xin. Li Xin was born in 1983, is mainly responsible for the market to work in NetEase, "Young Turks" on behalf of the NetEase, he is the youngest editor, director and general manager.

Li Yong, Li Xin two people to find former colleagues: with the university students to take care of the campus logistics business and the establishment of the division of love and marriage love corner corner of the. Campus logistics business is really good, but the most impressed me or the Internet, a lot of imagination." Handsome, expressed his desire to open the students, then joined the chalk network entrepreneurial team.

month, Li Yong, Li Xin, Guo Changzhen, Shuai, four, plus an administrative staff of five employees, has become the earliest chalk network, officially settled in Chaowai SOHO office. "Change the way Chinese students review the pro forma, find the entry point of online education, business success". With this in mind, less than a year, the rapid expansion of the chalk network team to more than 30 people.

Li Yong team launched the first product is "chalk net", the idea from the children’s English training courses for the experience of Li Yong. By the end of 2011, Li Yong found that there was no platform to query the teacher’s professional level, teaching style, student evaluation, etc.


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