Taobao distribution platform website how to achieve the highest daily sales 30 thousand

sell distribution platform, Taobao distribution platform website, is committed to creating the best clothing distribution platform, on-line operation less than a year, the highest sales volume has exceeded 30 thousand.

sell distribution platform is the main business clothing supply center, sales center is the network clothing business, on the one hand, and actively expand the more clothing merchants settled, on the other hand to recruit to join the shop manager.

today, Taobao distribution platform website is too much, this one can not help but some businesses and the line of sight interference of dragons and fishes jumbled together, shop manager, that they have no choice, no start.

launched less than a year, Taobao distribution platform website "sell distribution platform" how to achieve the highest sales of 30 thousand, Wang Peng was sold with distribution platform publicity director of operations, then do a little summary:

a website profit model

everything is for the purpose of profit, sell distribution platform is no exception, as the website propaganda operations director, I will set up two main profit model site before the site launched operations:

1 clothing merchants settled

distribution platform together to sell the site, because of its quality problems, for merchants settled without what requirements, there is no requirement of capital, so the beginning of platform supply there are still some problems, as the platform for the development of various business indicators, in to improve the quality of business has been urgent, based on this, together to sell distribution the platform for merchants settled and developed a set of strict admission screening system, to meet the requirements of the business and to resolutely eliminate, settled businesses must pay a guarantee and promotion costs.

2 shop manager to join

is the same as the beginning of the business settled, then, the shop is very low, but with the development of the platform, increasing the number of shop dealers and wholesalers entity, shop manager to join the association also changed again, recruiting shop manager to join the most important indicator is to join the credibility of the shop, it is in order to better improve join online quality, further improve sales, and should be a strong request, the existing agents to avoid malicious competition between agents.

two, web service quality

statement point, the site profit model in the first place, the site quality of service in the second place, there is no distinction between the two levels of the status of the meaning, both equally important.

sell distribution platform from beginning to end has faith service first, customer supreme principle, all are based on agent and customer interests, no matter what in advance to solve the problem and then accountability. It can be said that in improving the quality of service on the site, we have made a lot of. For example, with the major logistics companies signed an agreement to ensure that the logistics company to the lowest price, the fastest speed, the best service to return agents and customers, but also on the platform


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