The fundamental credibility of advertising alliance

a few days ago I wrote an article "how can the small website" advertising alliance "to obtain more interests" article, there are a lot of friends to the author said, "credibility" is a condition of main site selection advertising value. In fact, I think so. Do things and people are the same, pay attention to is the credibility of these two words.

advertising alliance by advertisers and website owners like, its advantage is low cost, precision marketing, can be a large number of small and medium sites, the industry to put advertising. Wider audience, more targeted. And advertisers and web site owners more flexible way of cooperation. Procedures and other advertising model is relatively simple. These small sites can also be positioned according to their own website through the alliance. Hang some advertisers ads, the site traffic into benefits.

The number of

advertising alliance is also increasing, not to mention Baidu, Google and other large Internet companies to enter the first step in this industry, Tencent caifutong, Inc., thunder and other have entered into alliance in advertising. A number of small and medium advertising alliance is also increasingly heavy sense of crisis. Industry competition is fierce. There are also some owners do not hesitate to damage the credibility of the entire industry. Some simply put the site that the main point of a small advertising costs. Played a human evaporation. Such a thing is not in the minority. This has resulted in the main site of some small advertising alliance bias.

is now a lot of advertising is the main site that there are data of cheating, often hear some website owners complained that the XX alliance, said to be in accordance with the effect of payment, but the effect is poor, there are a lot of false data, and the amount deducted. This kind of thing should still exist, after all, there are some advertising alliance is only immediate interests. There is no long-term plan for their own alliance. Not as a thing to do. This is not only the final position is in a cocoon around oneself, oneself, but also the entire industry has also affected.

advertising alliance reputation has become the focus of the majority of the site’s main concern. Payment cycle, the credibility of the alliance has become a prerequisite for the site’s main choice advertising alliance. Of course, unit price is also an important condition. In a large number of domestic advertising alliance, there are a lot of website owners and advertisers. Like Baidu, Google such a powerful alliance I will not say, such a large audience of their rich and powerful alliance, is very broad, so as advertisers and site owners will put these alliances as their goal. But they are also demanding, there is a long payment cycle, not as small and medium alliance to take weeks to pay. So there are still a lot of small and medium web site owners in the choice of alliance. This site has become a small alliance of the main potential user groups. Small and medium-sized alliance will seize their own advantages, vigorously publicize and improve their visibility in the industry. Enhance their credibility in the industry". Reputation has become an important factor in their survival and development. Small and medium-sized Qihoo like alliance, easy popularization, etc. Yiqifa, are some of the main site high satisfaction alliance. Reputation degree of evaluation and recognition is also high. >


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