Wangzhuan feelings and future plans for two years

graduated from the University began to enter the field, was also in a helpless, at their own expense is the science of Applied Mathematics, grades pulpy, and this major is the so-called culture of professional scientists, to good graduate student. At that time the home to find a job, on a few days, resigned.

* * * Wangzhuan is my friends, I was introduced to several master, I learn the start of something. Although not how to teach me, but show me the higher the charm of this industry. I believe that as long as they insist, willing to continue to learn, there will be good results.

make money for the first time

for the network, did not understand at the beginning, but also confined to the forum, chat stage. Of course, later I know what I do, is to train others to come here, I come here to chat. The beginning of the teacher let me do two station, see if you can get some traffic. I am not a station, from the most basic domain name sale, to the choice of space, is a step by step to search in the forum and Baidu, and later to the program, see friends, heard of dedecms, also in the Dede forum visited several days, also changed hands a template. This stage to learn a lot of things, spent a month back and forth, built a garbage station, very happy.

said the first project was the construction site, many beginner feel a bit too hard, I think of the people to use absolutely ignorant of is too high. In fact, look at the forum in the midway, do some similar Witkey, click on ads, surfing and other projects. Toss a week or so, thankless. See the forum often have posted thousands of posts in the past, I think it may make money, but did not do this thing around. Under the guidance of the teacher, was directly denied. A lot of projects through the packaging to make money, you are the middle operator or terminal customers, and are not familiar with the Wangzhuan novice, easily deceived.

did the site for a month. Daily flow of 20 a few, ha ha. Now it seems to be a pity. But do not look down on these 20 a few traffic, every day can have 10-80 of income. This website to do the project have a great relationship, two stations are a niche market, PayPal is opened, the contents are on the use of PayPal, and help businesses, keyword search to the very place; the other one is advertising software installation, this is the domestic advertising business launch, profit low.

Wangzhuan thinking exercise

has just begun, feel yourself, begin to learn to think independently should do what project. The ability of each person to do Wangzhuan have. In the forum, the most talked about what is currently doing a good project, with what method to get traffic. With ideas and methods to make money.


, has been trying to do their own selected projects, I will not follow the mainstream, always feel that since the public out, with their own strength, but also the ability to compete. However, go to the forum every day


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