nternet business is not easy no one can easily succeed

May 8, 2014, is a very auspicious day, on this day a magical site —58 city in Shanghai successfully held its 2014 strategic conference. In accordance with the general situation, the successful launch of a listed company after the meeting, the boss always and all walks of life, as well as leaders and stakeholders to push the cup to eat a meal. But this time let me see the shock of the scene, after the event, all the people are gone, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo and other executives in a hurry to eat a lunch, because the evening had returned to Beijing, second days will also continue to work.

after the lunch of Yao Jinbo and Chen Xiaohua (with


can not help but sigh: entrepreneurship is not easy, no one can casually succeed. 58 city as a market value of $3 billion of large enterprises, the boss is still so, why do not worry about China’s Internet giant.

founder of many Internet companies, they in front of people to show a glowing image behind the sad and medicine only you know. Today I will talk about some I have seen several cases (I don’t share those hearsay to do), talk about the story behind the Internet business.

no office CEO— U.S. mission network Wang Xing

I have told this story many times, here to share with you. 2011 is the year of the China Internet group purchase, a time line of the group purchase website almost got tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, many group purchase site for a lot of people began to forget oneself pleased with oneself, busy to buy villas open luxury cars, in the industry haven’t decided when to get the money the founders began to covet enjoyment, people sigh. Then, we go to the U.S. mission network SYPC, heard the media to SYPC, vice president of the U.S. Wang Huiwen whole took us to visit the U.S. mission network, the U.S. group net was not do today, but also in the industry top, even the founder of Wang still do not have their own offices and employees sit together, with a big head on the keyboard as PA in the busy work.

Wang Xing as a few degrees to start the business and the company successfully sold IT chiefs, but still can do so, the United States Mission online up and down naturally hard work. I said one sentence: if the U.S. mission network in 2 years after a Chinese first group purchase website, later today Providence will not forgive! In 2014, we found that the U.S. mission network as the industry leader, more than second third, fourth combined sales are higher.

100 yuan a week after the CEO– Red Century Chen Dong

Chen Dong is 80 business representative, now he founded the red century has become one of the largest visual Chinese outsourcing company, a lot of people do not know this is what a simple point, everyone through the Jingdong, Tmall, lefeng.com and other electricity supplier companies are seeing more exquisite products and pictures are red the shooting and post processing. In recent months, the red century north of the acquisition


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