WeChat how to make money Kakao and Line revenue model or should learn from


use Line account access game applications LINE POP

Tencent technology Wang Xin reported on November 20th

thinking about how to make money on this matter, Japan and South Korea’s executive performance amazing. In September of this year, South Korea communications applications KaKaoTalk by the online game platform in July earnings. Another application of Line communication was born in Japan’s charge in this way the expression tasted the sweetness of two months was 28 million yuan revenue line.

from the provision of a single messaging function to grow into a multi-functional platform, KaKao and Line each step forward quickly. In contrast, domestic products, in the commercialization of exploration is extremely cautious.

in the domestic communication application of WeChat as an example, in the third quarter earnings conference call, Tencent President Liu Chiping for WeChat commercial said, the future will have some interesting practices, but still focused on expanding the user base.

at home and abroad, the application of communication, product features and positioning there is a great similarity, such as public accounts, access to third party applications, etc.. Perhaps Kakao and Line’s way to make money will be the next step in the domestic communications and social applications inspired.

KaKaoTalk way to earn money: e-commerce + pay expression +Plus Friend advertising + game platform

March 2010 on-line KaKao from an entrepreneurial team, founder of strong background. Founded more than and 10 years ago, South Korea’s largest gaming platform Hangame, and later served as South Korea’s largest Internet Group NHN CEO, KaKao is the product after his resignation.

KaKao the total number of registered users 62 million. The number of daily information is three times the total number of operators in South Korea SMS number of times of three. In the South Korean smartphone market penetration of 55%, the user is KaKao of 95%.

The original functionality of the

product is similar to most of the communication applications, but users can set different themes for the application and set different backgrounds for the chat room. To help users achieve the personalization of the application, KaKao offers more options.

December 2010, KaKao in South Korea launched the "Gift service", the user sends a user can buy coffee or chocolate and other small commodities in the application of coupons to friends, friends with these coupons to offline store in exchange. Although these goods customer price is not high, but to enhance the feelings between friends to provide a new channel. It is understood that the Valentine’s day, the function of a single month revenue can reach 2 billion won (about $11 million 480 thousand). At present, about 320 brands of the use of the 7700 commodities.



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