3.15 complaints Tmall mall and the mall on the list of all Jingdong

today in March 12, from 3.15 down to three days, to protect the interests of consumers, to combat fraud and other bad molecules in the coming days, watching TV yesterday, saw 3 consecutive news are consumers to 315 complaints online shopping fraud and false, and online shopping complaints topped the list, Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, Netcom Group purchase in the gun, the content is as follows:

1, Taobao too many phishing sites, many sellers and QQ chat, the seller will send some phishing URLs, bank card or Alipay money will be inexplicably detained.

2, Jingdong mall last year, the fire is not good business, there are many problems, there are many members of the complaint: the money in the account is often inexplicable, and after the treatment of poor attitude.

3, dangdang.com four times a year, the price of oolong, respectively 1 yuan, 1 Cleansing Cream angle adidas shoes, children’s books, 110 yuan Samsung mobile phone sales, buyers look cheap, online orders, was the merchant to unilaterally cancel the order. The merchant’s explanation is not a system error is an artificial error, resulting in a lot of consumer dissatisfaction, which is not finished, there are complaints Dangdang sell fake SONY camera.

4, group purchase group purchase website, the fire in a complete mess last year, also attracted a lot of attention on the true and false reporter, a reporter to investigate KTV group purchase information, the KTV is about 60 in each box, group purchase a preferential price, group purchase coupons sold more than 2 thousand copies, was in short supply, KTV box, generally is not enough, it found that many KTV all of the group purchase.

these news broadcast, immediately jumped out of the tutorial to teach you how not to be cheated on the Internet, the normal transaction, teach you how to prevent phishing sites, how to distinguish the authenticity of the domain name, etc..

combined with last month, Baidu has 2 times to hang out against the behavior of SEO, the first is: Baidu prompts you, do not rely on SEO’s theory and case, improper SEO will bring risk to your site, please refer to Baidu’s official guide. The second time is: SEO is a very important work, please refer to Baidu’s recommendations on SEO. SEO and +seo are found most places will jump out of the information, the first time the announcement last month is about 14, has been removed, the second is 3-8 day, continues today.

obviously, this is an insurance move Baidu made prior to the 3.15, as the country’s largest search engine, so many online fraud, Baidu escape responsibility. The auction, black hat, imitation cards, phishing sites endless fraud, basically can not effectively prevent. The survey of online shopping users showed that 61.5% of people think that "transaction security", 45.7% of people think that "the quality of the products, customer service service is not guaranteed," 28.2% of people worry about privacy, that online transactions are typically not reassuring, the country will certainly be the relevant provisions of the rectification, fraud and other sites to strictly deal with, from last year.


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