China network marketing Godfather single benevolence Yuhang lecture – the way to break through the t

anchor: distinguished leaders and entrepreneurs friends, good morning, welcome to the traditional enterprise network breakout held jointly hosted the Economic Development Bureau of Hangzhou District of Yuhang city by the Hangzhou city Yuhang district government of Yuhang Ali texunban, welcome everyone to come. From the beginning of sincere intentions to communicate, first of all to do, my name is Wang Liyan, today is very pleased to host, and we all learn together and progress together today, here I wish Yuhang entrepreneurs to be healthy, good luck in everything, Business Flourishes, bonanza, congratulations.

twenty-first Century is the era of the network, Bill Gates once said, if you have not entered into the twenty-first Century electronic business, the future will have no business can be, but this problem is found in real life, into the e-commerce, may not be able to do e-commerce, we like a lot of people are trying to use the Internet to make money, but not necessarily to earn money, our experts have done a lot of research found that many people now attach great importance to e-commerce marketing, but most of them have such a situation, it is not the flow of sales, has put no output, however, at the same time, our expert consultation single Jen has released more than 6 thousand companies the use of the network platform, low cost, fast to create a lot of wealth, you must want to know the secret, which is very simple, that is you To master a set of practical methods for the system, invited by the Yuhang District of Hangzhou City People’s government, by our network marketing teacher Chen Godfather Bureau teacher, with our Yuhang entrepreneur friends were never in the network on several methods of how to make money fast, the training also received strong support from the Yuhang government. As the Secretary for economic development of Yuhang district also visit the president, we use the warm applause to welcome Chen council.

Moderator: Thank you very much I think Chen, Chen just Bureau in the process of speech, I feel a little bit, I think we all Yuhang entrepreneurs too happy, why? Because Mr Chen bureau already mentioned, in the training class every time we students are free to listen to, but the training is paid, the total cost to be borne by the US government. And just now Chen also mentioned that the establishment of our Ali Yuhang website, the government will give a lot of support, I hope the entrepreneurs here to extend his hands to thank the Bureau, thanks to the government. Below I introduce a single teacher Ren Shan Ren, teacher is Chinese early master of finance, who served as U. S. Commerce Union director, during his tenure to become the first brand of Chinese watches, served as Mrs. pharmaceutical deputy general manager, the annual income increased from 18 million to 360 million yuan, and the independent development of the marketing management system as a wife. Three research (transliteration) general manager of cosmetics company, starting from 0, two years the amount of annual income reached 130 million, the advertising slogan "known to every family, do good woman", which has become the domestic marketing professional textbooks, as the general manager of the Guangxi Yanan Hall’s decision-making and management system to do the adjustment, the a six consecutive year in 80 million at 110 million yuan.


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