Amazon claims electricity supplier, but ready to buy a lot of physical stores


as an online retail giant, Amason has not given up plans to open the store.

, according to Bloomberg News quoted informed sources said that Amazon is the acquisition and negotiation of RadioShack shop, the home appliance chain store is on the verge of bankruptcy, Amazon fancy is the location of these entities shop.

RadioShack is the first to provide mail order for amateur radio communication and marine retailers, history can be traced back to 1921, in 1980s, it was the people who buy the computer and accessories of choice, but in recent years, from the retailer WAL-MART and Amazon that online retailers gradually took RadioShack people. In the past year, RadioShack’s share price fell 90%.

is not to say that the retail business offline can not go on, Amazon wants to take over and do it yourself.

last October, the Wall Street journal has reported that Amazon in response to the holiday shopping season, will open a store in New York, Manhattan news. The store to accept online orders, customers can go to the store to pick up.

simply, selling things is not the main purpose of Amazon entity store.

on the one hand, these stores can be used as a showcase of Amazon proprietary hardware. Unlike apple, Samsung, as well as the majority of hardware vendors to sell, Amazon’s hardware has been the main channel for the purchase of the network. Although not all people have touched the real interest in the purchase, but the degree of congestion of each apple’s flagship store in the endorsement for the sale of the products.

only from the presence of the online invisible merchant steering line can touch the goods, may be able to pull the poor sales of Fire phones. In addition, the meaning of the entity shop is also able to be used as the delivery of courier service center. So before the Christmas season that is located in Manhattan’s flagship store, it will serve as a small warehouse, for the city of New York day delivery service and product return service.

has been set up in many parts of the Amazon from mentioning, RadioShack has joined the network from mentioning the amazon. If successful acquisition of these shops, the final show is a greater self advice perhaps in front of the public, with the Amazon Product display area, incidentally, around the Amazon delivery speed will be more security.

stare at the edge of the bankruptcy of the company is not only one of the Amazon, the network operator Sprint is also negotiating with it to buy the store. Say, Amazon and RadioShack cooperation can not reach, but Amazon in the physical shop put on Kindle, Echo and intelligent hardware has been selling very well Fire mobile phone plan, will not stop there.


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