Network network ecological drive the traditional channels of breaking!

in August 9th, "the creation of ecological network network to win the future" global ecological Partner Conference held in Beijing Legendale Hotel, more than 1000 ecological partners, industry experts, media guests gathered in the scene, as the 120 inch super TV music, super bike music as "Star" to bright array, attracted guests stop. With the star of Ma Su’s debut, shareholders network network equity incentive rules official disclosure, the subversion of the ecological investment policy of the burst, the wine industry’s first global ecological Partner Conference was finally unveiled.


network network network network CEO Li Rui described the ecological strategy of

ecological model to help traditional dealers "from the"

in recent years, with the Internet on traditional distribution channels and the impact of China consumer market transformation and upgrading, the wine industry into a deep adjustment period, although the effect of the wine industry Official business expenses decreased gradually. The traditional dealers are still in the "winter". At the same time the consumer market demand adjustment, along with the rise of China’s middle class, consumers taste segmentation trend is obvious, quality, rational consumption has become mainstream.

two-way attack in the industry and the consumer market, the traditional distribution channels to change, and actively embrace the Internet business as many traditional dealers ecological choice! Traditional dealers how to integrate resources and play the advantages of the line has accumulated many years, in the choice of how to choose the category of real consumption for Chinese "national wine", how to use Internet Ecosystem platform marketing strength stood on the high point of public opinion in the marketing, the Internet become the ecological era each traditional dealers unavoidable issues.

network network throughout the global partner conference, invited Ma Su, star of the shareholders "Content Ecosystem partners (Shanghai new culture and music as sports, music, flowers television Yang etc.); to upgrade deployment through the network network strategy, upstream and downstream, tradition and innovation, open up online and offline, the new method will play the ecological strength to help out traditional channel business successful transition in the Internet era of ecology.

net wine ecological strategy to upgrade the overall status of the identity of Ma Su debut

on the morning of 9 at the strategic upgrading of conference network network CEO Li Rui explained to the ecological partner network network strategic upgrade deployment, in the review of "global supply chain network network quality, its own high-quality brand, cross terminal, ecological ecological marketing" has made great progress in the field of multiple business, also provides a set of new ideas and practical solutions for the transformation of dealers.


star shareholders Ma Su debut about cooperation with the network network original

"the Internet ecological era, we will continue to break the boundary of industry, realize the world innovation, ecological reconstruction of the industry value inclination force!" Li Rui said, "the network network is committed to becoming a global high-quality brands, relying on a strong foundation of upstream supply chain and product brand full scene >


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