Sea Amoy will go to cross-border business and customs docking

according to voice of China "news evening peak" reported that foreign shopping, generally divided into "sea Amoy" and "sea"". Sea Amoy, referring to you directly in a foreign website orders, to the shipping company to send back the "sea generation", is to help the local people to buy, and then unified back home. Many girls are sea Amoy, it was said that the sea Amoy and sea generation, the biggest advantage is that the luxury is no longer so far away. For example, the store price of 4000 yuan of brand-name bags, through purchasing, you can spend less than $two thousand will be able to buy!

is a good deal, half the price. Low price and high end, should be the sea Amoy to attract girls reason. But the sea Amoy is risky. A regular sea Amoy friends about it, there are also many problems: "the purchase of foreign words, the first is to worry about fakes, another is now a lot of foreign purchasing is that the domestic spot mailed to you, but the domestic spot say bag is with Guangzhou to counterfeit and fake bag. If you let him send abroad, he would say that this package can only be the original purchase, the original purchase price of the exchange rate will increase a little bit, and then he will generally increase the purchasing fee, generally 300-500. That would add up to the entire cost of buying a little more expensive than you do in a foreign trustee, so it may not be particularly cost-effective. This adds up to this is a place where people are suspicious of online shopping."

yes, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, "sea Amoy family" and "overseas purchasing" the biggest problem.

, however, there are a lot of Taobao stores are written to support counter inspection, after buying the counter to get a look at the true and false, not

?In fact, many

counters are not for inspection. Look at the brand shop manager is how to explain:

Manager: the first is that we do not have this obligation. The company did not say to give us a specific letter, so we do not check. The second is because it is now the site is particularly high, high imitation is also very much, so we are not sure it is really fake goods.

Manager: we do not support any inspection. First of all, our company’s products are directly from our company to the shops, designated shops. Unless it’s our official website.

is now the only one who can help with the inspection. Their experience is rich, although not to the authority of the test report, but the basic can identify true and false. In one case, however, they are willing to "sell" – when you sell them to them.

this is the case, perhaps the future will change: from the beginning of August 1st, the General Administration of Customs "on cross-border e-commerce trade entry and exit of goods and articles related to regulatory issues notice" will be formally implemented, will carry on the supervision of enterprises and individuals engaged in cross-border e-commerce in the future. What is the meaning of this? "The sea Amoy will follow.

According to the "

" basis, that is, all engaged in cross-border e-commerce, whether you are >


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