Thoughts on the development of e-commerce in small and medium sized enterprises

this paper first introduces the current situation and significance of the development of electronic commerce in our country are facing difficulties, and then conducts the research from the development of electronic commerce in the measures, try to find a way out for the development of e-commerce of small and medium sized enterprises.


at present, China’s small and medium enterprises of various types of nearly four thousand, accounting for more than ninety-nine percent of the total number of enterprises in china. The value created by SMEs accounted for nearly 60% of GDP, the total value of imports and exports accounted for about 70%, small and medium enterprises in China’s national economy occupies a very important position. E-commerce refers to the Internet environment, the use of information technology to business activities, such as enterprises, partners, consumers and the government to connect a variety of business activities, a business model. The electronic commerce has brought the effective and convenient management to the enterprise, has created more business opportunities for it, and has played a pivotal role in reducing the cost. However, the development of e-commerce in China’s small and medium enterprises is still very slow, most of the small and medium enterprises have no concept of e-commerce management model. Therefore, the development potential of e-commerce in China’s small and medium-sized enterprises, it is worth studying.

two, the development of e-commerce in China and the significance of the difficulties faced by

small and medium enterprises to implement e-commerce has a clear meaning, it provides opportunities for the development of SMEs, so that SMEs can participate directly in the international market competition. Break through the existing pattern of e-commerce, accelerate the commodity circulation, through the Internet to construct a virtual market, expand market opportunities, reduce costs, reduce inventory, shorten production cycle, reduce the dependence on the physical infrastructure, improve customer service level of the enterprise, clearly the implementation of e-commerce is urgently needed necessary for small and medium sized enterprises. But in view of China’s current situation, there are still many difficulties in the development of e-commerce, the overall summary can be analyzed from the following aspects:

1 from the perspective of e-commerce infrastructure, Chinese development of the e-commerce infrastructure behind the west, the telecommunication channel bottleneck phenomenon is serious, the online payment system is not perfect, broadband network into people’s homes for a long period of time can not solve in the vast area of Chinese, on the Internet for language is mainly English, the penetration rate of English China no other area is high, which will make the exploration in the dark Chinese enterprises lose a lot of opportunities. These problems are seriously restricting the development of e-commerce.

2, from the point of view of e-commerce software construction, the development of e-commerce in China’s small and medium enterprises is mainly faced with problems such as concept, talent and so on. With the development of e-commerce, it is necessary to understand both the business management and e-commerce talents. The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises due to funding, systems, management and other reasons, the lack of attractiveness of talent, poor quality of staff. Not really knowing e-commerce personnel to operate small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce business, many small and medium-sized enterprises to implement e-commerce is simply a result of the construction of environmental hardware related to e-commerce, no electronic business operation management system and concepts.

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