Puzzle Hall sale + mall + online education to open new ways of maternal electricity supplier


I remember two years ago that this platform is a puzzle hall early because the puzzle hall with 6 digit 234.cn bought the best domain name. When I was thinking, can get the best ABC domain that is not rich and the nouveau riche, after two years of development, the industry that the development platform puzzle hall won a new round of ten million financing. I think, maternal and child market is certainly large, now almost in a state of blowout, and can spray to spray a puzzle hall loudest? It is understood that the puzzle hall to reflect the open attitude, is a grand foreign merchants settled, the integration of early maternal and child class resources.

single mode difficult to win

for children, young parents hope to demonstrate or show off their; hope for shopping, safe and fast, and to meet the special needs of the period of pregnancy; for parenting, also eager for knowledge exchange……

baby market is a complex, each businesses choose business model are different, there are purely mall, pure do sale, also has a network store + store mode, there are purely interaction based parenting community. Diversified needs intertwined, forming a huge market for infant supplies in the mainland. From any point of view, seems to be able to find business opportunities. However, any single model, as if it is a gust of wind, it is difficult to walk to the end.

as having one of the influential websites in the Internet industry Chinese vertical puzzle hall, has a deep plot of the education industry, based on the on-line online store, and for China young parents to build communication platform "Mother Church", and then a grand launch of "club", and now get new a round of financing puzzle hall also planning to launch the sale channel, form a closed loop mode of sale + mall + online education.

professional category positioning gradually flowering

category positioning is essential, positioning a small customer base, the development of a large limitation; and the positioning of the big, energy is not enough to lead to the formation of the final is also difficult to form a climate. The first puzzle hall in early childhood goods quickly into the market, the subsequent open classes and educational toys AIDS has been the focus of classic reading textbooks, early infant education services, and form a strategic partnership with Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Ceng Shiqiang. At present, the school of "professional and rich commodity type", "highly attractive low price", "quality service" and "professional infant education" and other diversified service principles are gradually expanding.

to enhance the viscosity of the focus on maternal and infant consumer market

mother and child market huge business opportunities and rigid demand, there are still a lot of business opportunities, but the market of users is relatively concentrated, user characteristics is very obvious, how to obtain user loyalty is very important, I think the word-of-mouth marketing method is desirable, but this requires a process of the consideration of products and services.

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