Small electricity providers also known as the nternet thinking to do courier (parcel)


you make? Do not wrap the shop is not a good shopkeeper ah Pro

well-known electricity providers have to do with the Internet thinking courier (parcel)

"express bags’ tear ‘not", "Beware of express packaging toxic"…… These days, a small courier bags, suddenly "arouses1000billow", became a topic of concern in the media top front page.

event originated in CCTV, a package hidden hidden danger, the news, causing hot friends. The report said, Hebei demolition of Shijiazhuang Lee courier bags, played a hand red knots, go to the hospital for a check, actually skin allergies. Users all kinds of forwarding comments, seeking truth, courier bags could really poisonous


experts said the first time to stand out: express parcel delivery, it is best to use scissors. In the forums and related reports below the bottom of the message netizens have said: for consumers, how to eliminate the source of the courier bags may bring harm to themselves and their families is a positive solution. No more joking: Courier bags, no harm.

is a senior online shopping Master weapon: beauty category, such as "small", "", "Niu Er research Pro Le Nalu" several well-known electricity providers already standardize the courier packaging, and even use zipper type, a box body express package. "See the moment that the tall, strong sense of design, a tear, out of the box of relaxed, mom no longer have to worry about my


in the same category of merchandise, online shopping, intime network, rainbow also has dabbled in packaging. Insiders said that in view of the current domestic express package more complex sources of raw materials, mostly for domestic waste, chemical materials such as re processing, which remains a lot of harmful substances, such as plasticizers, flame retardants, may cause skin allergies, once the invasion of the human body, and may affect blood circulation through the liver and kidney, bone etc. the function of online shopping, or find a famous and professional Tmall flagship business, or make notes on the seller delivery: try to choose a professional carton or harmless bags sent. The original design, with environmental recycling and other elements of the high quality courier boxes, will be the new trend of electricity providers under the Internet thinking.

to this end, the reporter interviewed every day and courier bags to deal with the network of sellers and buyers, as well as couriers.

Chen girl in the online open a small leather shop for more than 5 years time, parcels handled daily at least dozens, more than 100, basically every day by courier bags, courier packaging box.

"like SF, tact, Shen Tong heard this express company, more cooperation. Some small companies that have not heard of, and occasionally used. Courier and bags will express orders ahead of me, I receive a good package. But the bag open some new smells of obvious shares, sometimes reasonable tally, stick a hand ash, so every time after work I will wash hands." >


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