do Taobao guest earned 300+ experience sharing

first to show you my results: (think you can continue to see, if you do not have a good joke)




I know that in many people’s eyes are not what, but I know there are a lot of Amoy friends as my hope, these people can see.

do not want to keep what I have today, say what, feel good place for everyone to learn from you, don’t you help me good advice, we progress together. After all, we’re all working for a goal.

I am a college student, last term in the online shopping stumbled on Taobao guest, feel very suitable for me to do. To imagine is very simple, that the promotion of this in their own side can promote many ah, should be very good money, so I started my career in amoy.

at the beginning, I was advertising Taobao products through the purchase of advertising. Ali is a mother who has a special ad to sell, I spent more than a dozen dollars to buy a website ad, do their own promotional pictures, and then placed on the site above. Start where I care, do not care, then have a look at the landing people through my advertisement in to buy the corresponding things, two pairs of commissions up to more than 30% shoes, I earned 60 yuan, was very excited. The guest feel really simple, so simple to make money. So I began to invest more money to advertise on other sites. It’s more than and 100. As a result, I found that there was no income. Although the purchase of the site traffic is very large, look at the statistics of the number of clicks per day is less and less. It was found that the original, I was stepped on shit.

For this

, my conclusion is: first the guest not to buy advertising, to tell the truth there are many seemingly a lot of traffic sites are deceptive, a lot of boiling flow software, the number is modeled, few people will click on your ad.

later, I accidentally saw a man through his website Amoy money, I have interest in. But to tell the truth, I will utterly ignorant of site is also in the classroom, some content is far, but I also crustily skin make up. I figured, from the beginning to now made a total site on Taobao customers are not less than 6, there are two released, the other is not satisfied is to improve, do not know how to understand, from 0 to 6, indeed, he also spent too much time. Do not know how many days did not sleep.

to do Amoy friends website, I have a few personal

wise remark of an experienced person to say.

1 do not just blindly copying others to do Amoy website, or simply to promote module with mom, the more you save.


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