Support national policies and regulations shop real name system should be implemented immediately

SAIC: Shop real name system implemented in July 1st, early in the morning to open the front page of the CHINAZ website information, shocked by it. Take a closer look:

State Administration for Industry and Commerce 1 officially announced the "Interim Measures" of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management, to regulate the network behavior of commodity trading and related services, protect the legitimate interests of consumers and operators, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the network economy. (Xinhua June 1st)

shop real name system is still holding the pipa half cover out.


Internet trading market has been a no standardized form, out of nowhere, no chapter depend on, rely on the transaction to provide trading platform to implement a series of consumer protection measures to restrict the commercial operators. A series of measures introduced from Taobao, pat and other point of view, the way to a certain extent to protect, but there is no legal aid and support to a great extent, there are also difficulties to implement the platform.

for the majority of buyers keen on online shopping, the implementation of the real name authentication, like shopping in the same store, so that it is more assured to buy. From this aspect, we can see the real name certification brings security. For the majority of shopkeepers, the implementation of the real name authentication to some extent increased the cost of the operation of the shop. Once the cost increases, prices will rise, coupled with the need for online shopping logistics expenses, online shopping store and the price is the same, or even higher than to the store, the shop lost the price advantage, so more people will choose to buy the store. A policy of the introduction of the provisions of the premise is to can promote the economic development of a harmonious and healthy, shop name system introduced for the control and protection of the Internet commodity management legality, safety and health have played a promoting role, from the source to reduce the generation rate of online fraud, will lead to the development of the Internet economy consumption a healthy and orderly direction, will help to establish the integrity of the Internet system, safeguard the legitimate interests of consumers, but also hope that this policy can guarantee the interests of network operators.

shop real name system has been introduced, detailed implementation measures should be introduced

carefully read the relevant laws and regulations, a total of 44. Starting from the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the consumers, the network commodity operators and the three network service operators, the author conducts a regulation on the behavior of the network commodity operators and the network service operators. In theory, these terms are impeccable. On the implementation, we can find that there is no specific provisions on how to do. The terms of the network operators should highlight relevant information to the network service operators to provide the real name authentication, and network service providers shall verify the identity of the network operators, and specifically how to audit? Network operators shall to network operators to provide services which authentication information can be in accordance with the provisions? How to provide network service operators should establish standard consumer rights >


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