E-commerce website portal commonly used SEO optimization strategy and operation

large web site and the electronic commerce website of portal of common SEO optimization strategy and operation specification features: rich information, add more categories, each category has many popular words and long tail words, so a large space to improve search engine traffic.

general principles: focus on key words to do, the long tail key word.

here to analyze trace portals commonly used SEO strategy:

one or two or the use of the domain name


1, if the use of level two or three level domain, and continue to use the directory structure, two layers or three layers directory, not conducive to the accumulation of SEO resources, others are not willing to follow your directory links, but would like to be independent of the site for the link.

2, portal due to a large number of categories, so you can use more than two or three level domain name, independent station, the station after training, can become the future SEO resources, such as exchange Links including cross links.

3, from the point of view of the weight of URL, an independent domain name than the directory or a single page to have the advantage.

4, independent domain name PR relatively easy to upgrade.

5, to help solve the collection, binding sub domain can effectively reduce the directory level, easy to grab, and then sub domain internal pages can into the category home display, can effectively solve the page.

6, if the larger flow of individual categories, the server needs to go out is also very convenient.

7, if the use of SEO or excessive use of cheating, and then be punished by the search engine, will not affect the development of other sites (sub domain name is K, the main station and other sub domain normal example of a lot of).

two, URL specification

domain name is determined, down URL specification, title specification and so on, since the product since developed into Fenglin SEO habits, each product planning are formulated and absolute URL label specifications, these specifications is definitely not moving, especially the URL specification, because a change to URL portals will mean hundreds of thousands, even tens of millions of page weight included problems, common URL forms: static URL and dynamic URL URL directory structure, now can also grab, but the maple recommendations or URL static or the directory structure of URL.

three, page code specification

The design of the page template

general portal site have stringent design specifications, do not mess with the code or CSS writing disorder, Table and DIV are the most abused, follow the W3C standard in web design, few traditional Table structure and DIV+CSS structure are of course code will streamline many, natural page loading speed will accelerate. Reduce Spider (search engine spiders).


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