Another car brand stationed in Tmall this time is Martha Lahti

another way to push a new car

another car brand will be stationed in Tmall, and this is the Fiat – Chrysler’s luxury car brand Martha Lahti. This is the second Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Tesla, another luxury car brand Tmall flagship store opened.

in Martha Lahti’s Tmall flagship store, you can book it all models. Specific transactions and other car brands like Tmall shop: online single, pay deposit, the line down to the store after the payment of the contract and signed a purchase agreement. Set up shop outside, Martha Lahti will debut in Tmall’s first SUV Levante.


Martha Lahti Levante (pictures from the Tmall store in)

After the success of the

in the Porsche Cayenne, more and more high-end sports car brands have begun to launch its own SUV, including our previously mentioned Jaguar and Bentley F-PACE, Tim more.

Martha Lahti last year in China – the world’s second largest market performance is not good, in 2015, China’s sales in China was about 7500, down by 20% year on year in. And positioning close to Porsche sales rose 24%, reaching $58009.

Martha Lahti, President of Harald Wester revealed that the main models Ghibli and poor sales of the president of the car is the cause of the overall decline in sales. He also mentioned the reasons why every luxury brand would say that China’s luxury market is shrinking and affecting sales. But the real reason is far more complex than this, there is a lack of aftermarket, product lineup and positioning of the problem – Chinese consumers are not interested in the price of one million Martha Lahti Ghibli.

in addition to the luxury car brand, Volkswagen positioning of the car also has a lot of opened Tmall stores, such as Dongfeng Nissan, TOYOTA, Honda, etc.. Some brands (such as BMW and Buick) Tmall store in addition to selling cars, accessories and derivatives, as well as the 4S shop vouchers or service packages can be purchased.

Although the establishment of Tmall

shop provides a platform for the official brand, to enhance the O2O experience (learn more information products and activities etc.), but Car Buying still need to pass the next line of 4S stores or dealers. Into the electronic business platform, is basically part of marketing.

automotive electricity supplier’s meaning is temporarily stopped here.


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