Buy network report shows the integrity of the network to buy into a bottleneck

domestic rise of less than a year of network group buying, has more than one thousand companies. At the same time, the "integrity threshold" and group purchase website development as the shadow follows the form. A copy of the "2010 China network group purchase report" world network released in September showed that the lack of industry standards, low barriers to entry, group purchase website caused by the interests of consumers so uneven in quality, it is difficult to ensure, become a bottleneck restricting the development of network group purchase industry.

low price with the service shrink

just 8 months, the network group entered a boom period. However, buy site and brand businesses are paying the price of young. Some dishonest practices also make the image of the brand greatly reduced. In fact, the price of services with reduced network group purchase products: shrink It is often seen. the consumer to buy a KTV group purchase, always does not subscribe to the rooms, but to "non identity can reservation group purchase"; there are many vacancies in the restaurant, but the use of group purchase coupons to consumers are required to "a".

business experts said that at present, the group does not publish details of the site, or increase the additional conditions, in disguise to increase the cost of consumer use, to make up for the situation when the product price difference occurs. In this view, business difficulties group purchase consumer practices, not only greatly reduced their own brand image, but also restricts the development of network group purchase industry.

low threshold "dragons and fishes jumbled together"

According to the world

network released the "2010 China network group purchase survey report" shows that as of the end of August this year, the domestic scale group purchase website reached 1215. Since the network group purchase websites, stunning low-priced products, caused many people to "irrational consumption", resulting in a large number of "group purchase" uncomfortable "group slave", these factors make the group purchase field has great prospects for development.

The rapid development of

industry at the same time, enterprises exposed small start-up funding, low entry barriers, product quality is uneven in quality of reality. Public information, at present, the handle network to 20% of the domestic market share of the first place; the U.S. mission to the market share of the network followed by the; while the glutinous rice network is ranked 10.3% in the share of the top third. The three main group purchase website of market share is more than half, which means that the remaining less than half the market share by more than 1200 other smaller group purchase website for.

urgent need to introduce industry norms

has not open group, or has closed down the 256 group buying site, these companies accounted for the entire group to buy 20%. Consumers do not trust, has become a bottleneck in the development of online shopping industry. In the industry view, group purchase group purchase website product trap, uneven in quality, customer service can not be guaranteed, consumer rights difficult, lack of industry standards, the relevant departments of the urgent need the introduction of industry standards. The source also said that in the case of the network has not yet been introduced to regulate the industry, the need for consumers to buy, carefully read the description of the service, consumer rules, payment page screenshot >


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