Tmall home improvement strategy exposure in 2015 brand incubator

April 1st news, informed of the latest, Tmall Home Internet in yesterday’s forum, Taobao Tmall Juhuasuan president for epilepsy (Zhang Jianfeng) said that Tmall will build 2015 Jiezhuang platform brand, and make the incubator decoration brand.

line of epilepsy described Tmall home improvement plan 2015

line epilepsy, millet, Haier have entered the home improvement industry, 2015 is the year of the home improvement industry. Jiezhuang industry is also facing the "Internet plus" opportunities, the role of the platform is not a shelf, but the channels, is the most important channel to contact potential users, Tmall is to become a home decoration brand incubator channel. In addition to the standardization of products to buy, Tmall home improvement will be committed to solve the personalized needs of home improvement, reduce channel costs, so that the installation of more standardized distribution services. According billion state power network understanding, Tmall home Museum as a subsidiary of Tmall Home Furnishing home shopping channel, including the famous museum, full house custom, fun spell home plate. In the exploration of home improvement O2O, in addition to home furniture brands, as well as home improvement e station and other decoration mode.


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