SF Wang Wei reflection the ultimate fate by labor to move goods not SF

tiger sniffing note: SF 2014 conducted a series of reform initiatives, put forward the "Hey" mode of operation, the acquisition of high-quality landing with enterprises across the country… However, after the reform to make snap in SF, founder and President of SF EXPRESS group Wang Wei believes that half of these innovations is a failure, in this paper the reasons for the failure of his reflections and solutions for the future. Original title from Shenzhen supply chain, "the latest reflection SF Wang Wei: facing the road of Innovation Challenge", after the release of the tiger sniffing editor.

Since 2014

SF was founded 20 years of innovation and change most of the year, set up a lot of division, created many new business at the same time, the total business also has an explosive growth. However, although a lot of innovation, but in my opinion, almost half of the unsuccessful. The main reason for the failure is that we are prepared, planning is not enough, the performance of:

one is lack of talent. We are entering a new field, we must be prepared for all aspects of the field of talent, and in this regard we are lacking.

two is to undertake landing deviation. We are united in a net to undertake new business floor, so there is an awkward situation: on the one hand, the new business for the original staff, too difficult, need to change too much; on the other hand, make great efforts to promote new business, and will affect the traditional business service quality.

in general, in 2014, we opened a new situation, but there is a long distance from the real success. But this year for the new business to learn and explore some of the inadequacies of the 2015 adjustment, optimization of the business more clear, advancing the pace will go far more stable.

so you experience is not treasure, is likely to be a burden

in 2014 to explore new business or transformation process, the attitude of all my colleagues, and the degree of self transformation is the most important. We did not introduce too many professional talents from the outside, but put a lot of opportunity for internal staff, is the hope that our own staff can grow up as soon as possible, to adapt to the new changes in technology needs, and in the new opportunity make their own career to strive for further improvement.

but in this process, I think many of our colleagues bear the burden is too heavy, limiting their development. The burden is that in the past we simply send express, we are accustomed to this set of ideas and practices, unconsciously put this practice to apply to new business areas. I used to say to a lot of colleagues, do not regard the previous experience as a treasure, so you are the experience is likely to be a burden we entered a new field, have a zero mentality. Burdened with too much baggage, I think is one of the important factors restricting the development of our new business in 2014.

I think the second level is the culture > SF


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