Do online retailers rely on SEO to live

is now the most SEOer is around the online retail business of the self-employed, and constantly adjust the recent series of Internet regulation and Baidu search rules for online retailers, approaching a cliff, too many uncertain factors, lead to the main site to lose confidence in online retail, SEO is relatively difficult to carry out, in the face of the upcoming 2010, we are diverted or continue to SEO, it is worth our consideration……

for online retailers, the overall sales in the second half of last year is not satisfactory. Report data show that the first half of the overall sales situation is relatively good. According to black Coremetrics quarterly data released by the organization, the first half of this year, consumer spending grew by 25% over the same period last year, each order an average cost of $170.19, compared with last year’s black quarter online sales orders increased by $44.

for many online retailers, traditional holiday shopping has become a relatively good shopping season, it can bring them a lot of comfort, although the data show that the recession is not completely end. Data show that compared with last year, online shoppers to buy more gifts this year. Now, we have to wait for the traditional store sales to the overall evaluation of holiday sales. Network marketing personal shop is not very satisfied.

internal resources often determine the choice of technology, which ultimately determines the success of the site launch or re adjustment. These decisions are usually made without the consideration of SEO. Before you choose the next content management system, you want to make a significant navigation adjustment of your site structure, or increase the site search function, to understand the content is still the core of the search engine related.

before you start evaluating the technology platform, you need to understand your intended users. This is the only way to decide if your information is relevant to the search engine. To do this, you must put your marketing, advertising and PR team on the same page.

of course, in a small online business, the website design or redesign team may include you or you alone. If so, you need to divide the project into small, manageable tasks. In SEO, the best way is to consider the development of web templates, in order to optimize the content. |

It is very important for

to put keyword oriented topics in the template into the available SEO attributes. Key words should be located in the central part of the vocabulary, which is conducive to attract the search related traffic and the establishment of substantive keywords. All SEO attributes should be placed in the CMS management function, but each SEO attribute should also be easy to customize and spread. Content optimization templates should be included, but not limited to the following SEO attributes.

now you can not do all the above, Baidu’s search content, the adjustment of the rules, the Ministry of regulation of the Internet, the domain name, the space of remediation, basically personal shop >


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