China of group purchase model has not yet formed Groupon or open the mighty wave crashing on a sandy

speed transit network on January 12th news recently, Groupon will enter China industry event attracted a great disturbance, yesterday’s news that the group purchase site will be merged with the F group, jointly resist the enemy". Today, the network came forward to respond, said there was no merger with the F plan. Handle network CEO Wu Bo also said: "there is confidence in lashou singled Groupon."


has not yet formed in the mode of group purchase website China (speed transit network plan)

It is reported that in the United States

, Groupon will see group purchase website into China, F group president and CEO lin ning in micro-blog said that the China gold team together to be afraid of foreigners? And previously disclosed well-known domestic group purchase website F group, handle network and Groupon contact, because they do not understand China and give up cooperation.

after the release of this micro-blog, Wu Bo said in micro-blog, support lin ning view. Then see the words in the F group COO Zhao micro-blog speed transit network reporter: "it is all three points, with Wu Kangcao". Wu Bo think this is Wu himself, when asked who Cao is, Wu said this should be asked Zhao total. This marvelous speech is speculation, F group will handle network cooperation, boycott "foreign" (Groupon).

in the face of today Chinese group purchase market is still not standardized, there is still chaotic situation today, Groupon recruitment mail message to be leaked into China, so many group purchase site will undoubtedly choose "heating" in jeopardy, the first winter has become a pressing matter of the moment. In the face of domestic group purchase market "active" measures, as we see the "wolf" nervous before, Groupon will bring what kind of impact on the domestic market, the domestic group purchase website will directly test the competitiveness.

from the group purchase website move, see the most is you say "to resist enemy" or "bearish, not afraid of such statements, the relevant industry sources said, Groupon is known as the originator of the domestic group purchase group purchase website, web sites have learned from Groupon Groupon in the marketing mode, more personality and baking mature, while the domestic group purchase websites have the advantages of localization. In the mode of Chinese has not yet formed the group purchase website, the domestic group purchase website schedule or with the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, Groupon accidentally enter the early opening. (Wang Pei)


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