Different on dislocation of the second-hand car electricity supplier of consumer groups

for many entrepreneurs, hard days from the beginning of the second half of 2015, the stock market crash, capital shocks, investment institutions to stop blood pressure ahead of the arrival of cash…… These sudden changes are decreed by fate contributed to a pile, make us be struck dumb mergers, and more SMEs may never have stuffy to hum a, without hearing a word about.


everything seems to be in accordance with the spreading disaster movie plot: earthquake, tsunami, followed by endless cold weather. How cold winter, has become a common topic in front of every market participants.

however, the advertising campaign used car makers like under spend money like water, and there is indeed chaotic action proves "the Peach Garden" may: July 2015, just a month after the A shares of large diving, excellent letter of second-hand car bought four China "good voice" final championship before 60 seconds of advertising in 30 million, the transmission cycle of advertising costs close to 500 million; in September, the seeds of second-hand car carpet bombing began advertising for a period of three months, the cost between about 2-3 billion yuan; in November, all car hired actor Huang Bo as image spokesperson, advertising a conservative estimate in more than 100 million — in the "tight clothes shrink the food" as the theme of the years, used car makers group anti so they often quickly become heterogeneous, into the new year, the momentum is still unabated.

‘s "the Peach Garden" is a kind of ideal, there is no one can escape from an industry trend. In February 2016, the safety car announced the closure, this year became the first close the second-hand car business enterprise, also broke a huge bubble — in the past three years, it has been in the second-hand car market has invested more than 5 billion yuan. Now it seems like a pipe dream.

The rapid collapse of

safety car, may not be enough to prove that the second-hand car market is a business can not rely on the market to complete the burn subsidies for cold start, because it’s just a failure case. But at least it proves that it has encountered some problems that cannot be solved by money in the path of development. The same problem also must lie in all the competitors on the road.

today I want to focus on the first key issue: the dislocation of consumer groups. In other words, the real people in the purchase of second-hand cars, and second-hand car electricity supplier, they want to buy second-hand car, is the two distinct consumer groups.

in China, what exactly is the group in the consumption of used cars?

according to a survey report of the third party, is still far from the potential in 2013 of second-hand car electricity supplier, Chinese about 8 million second-hand car trading online, the average price is only 50 thousand yuan, the price is only popular vehicles between 5-10 million. By 2015, the Chinese market is the most popular used car car in the top three are: >


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