Take out of the scouring ants chant access vip.com 40 platform

news July 24th, after Tmall, Taobao, public comment, dangdang.com more than and 40 Internet shopping platform also began to support the use of "ant flower chant" payment. Users in these sites or App shopping, in addition to the use of credit card payments, but also a credit consumption.


payment selection interface

At present,

, Taobao and Tmall in the platform, the ant flower has covered the vast majority of businesses. The ant take Bai Hao Ying responsible person said: according to the operation of the ant payment service plan, the first half of this year, 80% of the mainstream business platform have been used on ant flower chanting, but also there will be a lot of line scene pay ant flower chanting. The more than and 40 categories of access to a variety of businesses, covering almost every aspect of the user’s daily life.

in addition, Taobao, Tmall, and the flower chanting confirm receipt of monthly repayment of consumer convenience. Need to remind consumers: with the gradual increase of flower chanting scenarios, users in the use of convenience, or to pay off the bill because the flowers flowers chant, chant with personal credit data is closely related to consumer behavior.

Wei Jiehong, managing director of

consulting in Boston, said: "in the next few years, the Internet consumer credit market will rapidly expand. China’s market is very large, the Internet and traditional financial institutions are more complementary, rather than competitive relations. The innovation of similar installment purchase, the consumer in the form of the flower chanting, can boost the purchasing power of the consumer electronic business platform, to promote the growth of the entire domestic market."

billion state power network to understand, the ants are ants spend chant payment service launched credit payment function, the user application after the opening, will receive a certain amount of consumption, can be used in advance of consumption. The product since April this year on the line, by the user’s favorite online shopping, including 80, 90 to occupy the mainstream. It is in order to better serve the users, the ants to break a single flower. Online shopping scene, extended to more areas of consumption.


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