Amoy fashion wear the biggest fashion electricity supplier in France La Redoute into China

survey shows that the clothing and footwear products to become China and the world’s sea Amoy family love. 2015 45% of the Chinese sea Amoy family to buy such products, sea Amoy website style update rich, more affordable, making Chinese consumers for these overseas production of shoes and clothing has a huge demand package. Recently, France’s largest online clothing electricity supplier La Redoute Chinese network officially opened, declared to enter the Chinese market. For this fashion electricity supplier from France, the Chinese people who leave the law and the sea Amoy circle is no stranger to the people.

1960s, the French fashion began to become popular in the world. As early as in 1830s, La Redoute was the largest textile city in France, France is currently the largest online fashion business, covering 79 city consumers worldwide, its business scope covers all kinds of men and women, infants and children’s clothing, footwear, accessories and several other brand products etc..


– La Redoute

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rich brands and channels, is an important reason for the development of cross-border electricity supplier La Redoute export. Since entering the Belgian market in 1985, La Redoute now has 13 million active fans in 24 countries. And the general sense of the clothing business is different, the French La Redoute is also the producer of the supplier, its own brand R series of apparel La Redoute group is designed and developed, highly cost-effective products and competitiveness, by many French consumers. Third party products are mainly European well-known clothing brands, such as New Balance, Chinese consumers for having heard it many times Clarks, French, Connection, Keds, Mellisa, Asics etc.. Among them, those who love running shoes Asics brand and business people love Clarks’s website consumer expectations.


– Asics is running shoes brand Japanese people Onizuka Yayoshiro founded the brand, adhere to the high-tech, high quality standards, developed a number of patents, will prevent the wearer injury and sports fun combination represents Japan’s delicate, professional culture; one hundred years of British shoe family Clarks, was founded in 1825 in the southwest of England somerset. As synonymous with Europe’s top leather shoes, Clarks has a wealth of experience in the field of technology innovation and the production of star shoes.

La Redoute in order to enter the Chinese market, can do homework. The analysis of cross-border electricity business people said: "for those overseas electricity supplier to establish the Chinese network development Chinese market, in addition to their own local authentic licensed, there is a big selling point is that they have no intermediate consumption, has great advantages in price." La>


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