Do not say what eco insurance aimed at electric car just to make money

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ping an a $1 billion 600 million stake in the car home, Pacific Insurance, PICC has good car network, this is after the domestic BAT three Internet giants involved, set off a new wave of electricity supplier in the field of automotive capital boom story. Wang Guanxiong teachers believe that the venture capital giant electricity supplier in the field of automotive active layout, intended to create a car into the car business ecosystem, by means of capital, take the initiative in a car sales, service, insurance and other industrial chain, the formation of a complete closed loop of electric cars.


and in accordance with the author’s view, this interpretation is only a good appearance of venture capital shares, the meaning behind it is not the case. You know, in the face of capital, there is no ecological, capital and the biggest goal is to continue to increase the value of. Insurance funds to enter the automotive electricity supplier, the fundamental purpose is to reduce the risk and enlarge the profit, popular, straightforward point, is to make money.


had the treasure to raise a Babel of criticism of Vanke placards event, let "in front of the barbarian capital" has become a popular hot topic, its essence is a venture capital enterprise profit motive behavior value. After obtaining a large number of continuous and long term premium funds, with the increase of premium balance, insurance funds also need ongoing portfolio assets side, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the value, to obtain the maximum benefit. Therefore, we can see that the second half of last year, nearly 30 listed companies owned by insurance placards.

why do you want to spend heavily to buy the car home?

April 2016, Chinese Ping An insurance group in a $1 billion 600 million stake car home, bought the Australian telecommunications holdings of 47.7% shares, a seasonal industry eyebrows. As the author said, the focus of this acquisition is still a profit word.

through the acquisition of shares in the car’s home, as the insurance capital of peace to achieve further optimization of financial and insurance channels, so as to earn more benefits. At present, the growth rate of e-commerce channels in various channels to maintain the fastest growth, the rapid development of the Internet, has been playing an increasingly important role in the major insurance companies in the auto insurance business competition. The acquisition of the car home, can make a peace with the flow and user scale business platform, integration and insurance, finance and other fields, complete peace in the automotive Internet layout on the short board, so as to further enhance the fast implementation of overall insurance business.

at the same time, peace at this time to buy the car’s home, but also in a more favorable timing arbitrage layout. From the point of view of economic trends, further the involvement of the Internet is inevitable, the Internet car in the future will grab more market share, automotive electricity supplier valuation will further rise. High quality steam as an important market share in terms of content and traffic


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