Microsoft kneeling! Cabbage price software has been popular Taobao

said Taobao is a panacea for the market is not an exaggeration to say that Taobao is also the most economical market is also very fit. When a variety of traditional computer software on the market is expensive to appear in front of grass root, Taobao gave many grass root more choice.

we inventory Taobao’s challenge for the software giant, Almighty really not everyone can afford. Although these software sales are not authorized, and even the form is varied, but the low price and the seller a variety of ancillary services or to attract a large number of consumers to buy. In such a raging fire in the market, the giants are swearing or thanksgiving Taobao?

1 Taobao Microsoft


Taobao windows installation system price


Microsoft official website installation price

Taobao not only to provide cheap products, as well as free remote installation services, dual system, single system options, and even the computer system can be cleaned and optimized. The most critical thing is that Taobao’s sales of the installation of the system software can install multiple computers, Microsoft completely defeated.


Windows office price is cheaper, but in fact, free office software other sites are also very much, at this point, Taobao also charges, slightly weakened competitiveness.

2 challenge to Adobe:


Adobe is the world’s leading provider of digital media and online marketing solutions. Adobe’s customers include companies, knowledge workers, creative people and designers, OEM partners, and developers around the world. They are from image processing, audio processing, video processing, Everything is contained therein. I do not know Adobe employees to see what the price of the product after Taobao feel, but the reality is that Taobao does help Adobe improve the degree of widespread use in china.

3 Taobao’s challenge to Apple:


has always been a tall apple in front of the appearance of Taobao is not tall enough, no matter how Apple’s own home system blockade, Taobao is still using the sales spike it.


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