Three major problems of electronic commerce

today, a netizen wrote to me, asked me to focus on e-commerce professional learning, but also for e-commerce professional advice. I think this problem is of universal significance for still in university to study e-commerce professional Shidishimei, so special to write an article, I talk about the electronic commerce specialized knowledge and suggestions.

the following is the original letter KOKO users:

"I am studying e-commerce, this year to raise the third, but for their own professional or do not understand the focus. Just know that the school curriculum to follow the progress of the study, but the feeling of learning very shallow, and finally do not know anything. In particular, C programming is a headache. Now learn C, Java, data structures, databases, computer networks, these courses related to the professional, learn to feel there are a lot of things do not understand. It’s the kind of thing that only learns to paint.

there are a lot of students to take exams, because the employment is not good. God, I do not know what to do. Can you give me some advice?."

this letter put forward three questions: first, the focus of e-commerce professional learning, the two is how to learn e-commerce professionals, the three is the employment of e-commerce professionals.

first talk about the focus of e-commerce professional learning this problem:

electronic commerce is an interdisciplinary and highly integrated disciplines, it involves economic, management, computer network technology, electronic and information technology, law and other disciplines in one, involving a wide range of knowledge, emphasizing in the practice of the comprehensive ability and innovation ability.

in college, you may not always be able to figure out what your focus is in the process of learning e-commerce. Because the school curriculum is too much and too complex, and across many disciplines. A lot of students in the study of many courses began to lose the direction, do not know what their learning knowledge, what is the direction of e-commerce. Some people even complain about professional settings, the university system, and even the society……

(E – commerce has been an emerging professional, is in the exploratory stage, so one of the unreasonable also inevitable. Complaints can not solve these problems, we have to adjust their mentality, in the objective environment to find a suitable platform for their own, and constantly improve their own.


if you look at this issue from a different point of view across the four major courses in e-commerce, you’ll get another result. In the study of electronic commerce in the process of university teacher will lead us to try a different field, this term is the C language, JAVA, next semester is the data structure, database, next year is the security of electronic commerce, network marketing……

try so hard under the guidance of the teacher that you may find your interest. This interest may be C language, it may be network marketing, there may be network security. Just to find you


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