XWebHosting mainframe expansion to seize foreign trade e-commerce market


foreign trade e-commerce unlimited business opportunities, many domestic enterprises are eager to layout, and with the continuous growth of the business, foreign trade station is also a hot demand, IXWebHosting hosts the United States take advantage of natural geography, with abundant capital and advanced technology in foreign trade market, staking is the natural leader.

five programs to gather electricity providers choose more than

hosts the United States IXWebHosting product line is very rich, in order to promote the electricity supplier website, actively launched Linux expert / commercial / business / type, Windows type infinite infinite type five virtual host program, these programs have unlimited space, unlimited traffic, no limit can be established to provide online website, the running time of 99.9% ensure 24 hours, server monitoring, Linux host and also support the pseudo static function is very powerful. In addition, IXWebHosting host is also greatly improve the host access speed, some of the original experience is not a very good access to the region will be a qualitative improvement, therefore, the user selects its host is very reliable.

donated a number of sets of welfare costs low

compared to other hosts the United States, IXWebHosting has a significant advantage that welfare is good, all for a virtual host users can enjoy the domain name, independent from IP, in a number of virtual host program, unlimited host welfare is highest, independent domain name and IP will respectively give 3, 15, and the lowest welfare experts plan will also have 1 domain names, 2 independent IP gift. For new users, it also provides 7 days of free use of exclusive services, users can minimize the risk of purchase. And like other host, it also offers a 30 day money back guarantee, as long as the user has not registered the free domain name provided within 30 days can enjoy a full refund details: http://s.ixwebhosting.im/ixwebhosting-linux.

beach spring market offers before their

in the face of this huge foreign trade market, IXWebHosting also hosts the United States often face greater pressure to survive, in order to enhance its core competitiveness, which not only expand the host species, giving high welfare to give users a higher purchase experience, but also actively use the opportunity to carry out promotion, it also launched the CHILL code can enjoy 10% preferential discount the subscriber station http://s.cn.ixwebhosting.com/ ordered more than five virtual host program in Chinese, year pay period above can enjoy the preferential, preferential scheme expert after two years, only $85, Linux no limit type host slightly higher is only 172 dollars, super bargain.

American host IXWebHosting to seize the foreign trade e-commerce market, but also quickly launched the 40>


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