The Jingdong opened Apple the end of the year ceremony of explosive product profit promotion

Spring Festival is the most important Chinese traditional festival, the traditional "buy special purchases for the Spring Festival" Customs will also be with the holiday approaching people’s attention. With the development of science and technology, the New Year gift is also being transformed from the traditional costumes, food, drinks and other new and interesting high-tech products. In order to let everyone enjoy the gift of Jingdong, let consumers, grand opening "Apple annual festival", so that consumers had a value of "apple years". Activities are underway, click on the link snapped:

active link:


tide over the new year, iPhone 7plus collar coupons reduced by 600


a new generation of iphone7 plus once appeared, it led to the heat of the entire 2016 winter. Stylish appearance with ultra-high configuration, so that mobile phones in the Spring Festival has become a shining trend of single product. Compared to the previous generation of products, iphone7 plus provides by far the highest running A10 Fusion chip, 2 times faster; the 12 million pixel camera optical image stabilization, carefree use more than to experience level SLR camera experience; life batteries super performance plus stereo speakers, let the private theater experience whenever and wherever possible.

During the

Apple Festival iphone7 plus Jingdong at the end of the year, minus 600 yuan coupons, not fast the new year for new machine? Let the fashion to accompany you on


entertainment over the years, iPad+Beats bring audio-visual feast


busy a year of hard work, must want to experience a complete relaxation in the new year’s holiday, the Jingdong Apple the end of the year ceremony also bring new experience entertainment for everyone. A new generation of mini4 iPad, the favorite iPad features all concentrated in a more delicate and portable design, the fuselage is more light, more stunning configuration. 7.9 inches retina screen, equipped with a new A8 dual core processor, to meet all the needs of online games. Along with the trend of a single product for Beats headset, with cool appearance and high quality sound, become a young family New Year gift of choice.

During the period of

Jingdong Apple year-end ceremony, rob iPad God full 1000 minus 200 coupons, Beats headset is low to forty percent off, do not hurry equipment? Let the joy with you together!

healthy new year’s Eve, Apple watch S1 as low as 1999 yuan


safe and healthy, happy, is the new year


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