Yu Yongfu Ali strategy is rural electricity supplier, globalization, big data


technology news news November 21st, held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Internet Conference and the global mobile Internet CEO summit, Alibaba UC mobile business group president Yu Yongfu delivered a keynote speech, and the disclosure of Ali’s future three strategies: globalization, rural electricity providers and large data.

global strategy that is based on China, buy the world, but also to bring out the Chinese products, sold all over the world." The same is true of the rural strategy: let the characteristics of agricultural products sold around the country, farmers earn money, but also enjoy the forefront of products and services. China’s population is 1 billion, Internet users is 6 hundred million, while the electricity supplier crowd is about 3 hundred million, from the penetration of 300 million to 1 billion 300 million, the countryside is the key link." Yu Yongfu pointed out that the development of rural economy in Guangdong, Zhejiang, more advanced provinces, rural electricity supplier has a historical opportunity.

big data Ali another core strategy. Yu Yongfu pointed out that the next ten years, the entire Internet will evolve from IT (Information Technology) era to DT (Data Technology) era, companies need to study how to make data-driven business, so that data into business. "From IT to DT, there will be a chemical reaction to the business, such as hydrogen and oxygen will not produce third kinds of gas, but will produce water."

in June this year, Alibaba group and UC excellent as a joint announcement, UC excellent as a wholly integrated into the Alibaba group, and the formation of Ali UC mobile business group. UC excellent as chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu will serve as president of the UC mobile business group, the highest decision-making team to enter the Ali group – Ali group strategic decision committee. According to the reporter, Ali UC mobile business group has integrated Ali group and other related business team, responsible for the construction and development including the browser business, the search business, LBS services, mobile gaming platform business, mobile application distribution business.

Yu Yongfu pointed out that Ali UC mobile business group will be highly unified with Alibaba strategy.


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