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over the past few years, suspected of selling fake Moutai liquor incident continues to ferment, causing concern. In fact, the electricity supplier and selling platform is not an isolated phenomenon. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission organized the 2015 annual "double 11" third party comprehensive credit evaluation work of the media briefing, the evaluation report by the Chinese daily social reform with the state information center, Qihoo 360 and other units jointly prepared by the "2015" double 11 "comprehensive credit" (hereinafter referred to as the report) released. The report pointed out that in the media and on the Internet exposure dishonesty cases, suspected of selling fake goods category accounted for as high as 44.8%, an increase of 18.2%, selling has become a hazard to the integrity of e-commerce "number one cancer". Insiders pointed out that from the surface, from the third party platform merchants selling illegal low cost, behind this is the electricity supplier platform as stakeholders in an ambiguous attitude. Compared to the large business supply chain, the electricity supplier channels there are too many small suppliers, this is the cause of the third party platform selling.

"double 11" dishonesty cases rose by 50%

"2015 11" comprehensive credit rating report "is China’s first use of large data monitoring and analysis, specifically for the" double 11 "Shopping Festival to do a comprehensive credit rating report. The report shows that in November 11th last year to 15, involving business platform, business enterprise, logistics company, the third party payment institutions, such as the main consumer dishonesty the number of cases increased year on year 57.49%, shows that the field of electronic commerce credit system construction situation is still very grim.

"double 11" is regarded as the electricity supplier carnival, with the "seven year itch", a shopping spree also in front of problems. From the monitoring of the state information center, Baidu, China, Qihoo 360 and other relevant institutions of the "double 11" during the e-commerce situation, on November 11, 2015 -15, involving business platform, business enterprise, logistics company, the third party payment institutions, consumers of the subject promises the number of cases increased year on year 57.49%, reflecting the current situation in the construction field the electronic commerce credit system is still very serious.


report shows that the use of various means, including the seller to help establish false orders or forged shop sales by others false trading and dishonesty, increased from 9.09% to 18.57%, ranked second. In addition, the price of fraud accounted for 7.99%, accounting for Internet fraud accounted for 6.98%, poor dumping accounted for 6.74%. Product quality, price fraud, data injection, after-sales service, misleading publicity, logistics and distribution has become the double 11 during the exposure of the most problems.

from the category view, electronic products and home appliances, clothing and footwear products in areas such as online shopping the size of the crowd and the amount of consumption, the product quality is uneven, the current electronic commerce case which promises the hardest hit, breaking the highest number of cases, accounting for 35.28%, 23.97% and 12.31% respectively. In addition, cosmetics, food and beverage, maternal and child supplies and household goods and other acts of dishonesty are exposed, accounting for all


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