Tmall double 11 does not force the half off Businesses Tucao or old

Tmall 11 as an ultra large online marketing campaign has been held for the past seven years, and its gameplay and ideas are constantly changing, and the "promotion" is the fundamental strategy that has not changed.

half off represents the core competitiveness of Tmall’s dual promotion of 11: high discounts, low prices. Many consumers to suppress their own desire and demand before the big promotion, unified release in the 11 day. But this is likely to change this year.

do not hit half off VS breakdown price

Tmall clothing general manager Liu Xiuyun (nickname "Goldin") was introduced at the meeting: "this year we will break some rules, a brand in-depth communication and the line, will break the half off Cap requirements. At this time we hope that the good business with the Department of shopping malls to promote the sale of goods."


is reported that, although it is not necessary to play half off, but Tmall’s pricing of this part of the mall with the price of the goods still have some requirements: compared to the line to have a certain discount. Martin said: "after all these goods to enter the 11 venue, and may not line the same price or more expensive."

obtained billion state power network information display, 11 brands to participate double goods not forced hit half off this year in the apparel category is put forward. There are businesses that shoes category is still half off cap. Tmall requires a certain proportion of traditional brands in the mall with the same paragraph, but these goods into the 11 venue must still be half off."

clothing merchants are introduced, Tmall will double this year, 11 of businesses and stocking are classified, according to the different levels of the business and the nature of the goods and provide different strategies. Tmall in order to allow more international brands and traditional brands to participate in, to a certain extent, relaxed the price of these businesses requirements. But Tmall still wants to give full play to the advantages of low price promotions."

It is reported that in the 11

, double line of traditional brand must provide a certain percentage of new shopping malls and the same paragraph, this part of the goods without half off cap; Part 11 of the two international brand will not be forced to play half off.

but many ordinary brands involved in the promotion of commodities must hit half off, or even the breakdown of the lower discount price. According to the merchant to disclose some of the discount even reached 2 to 70 percent off.

drive international brands and traditional brands

can be seen from a variety of promotional marketing, Tmall 11 this year, hoping to be able to provide users with a richer quality of goods, supply chain upgrades, rather than simply cheap. There are businesses that do not hit the half off is to promote international brands and traditional brands involved in the promotion of the double 11.

Tmall this year will be the first two 11 positioning for the global carnival, to further enhance the status of cross-border electricity supplier business and international brands, to provide users with products on a global scale. Prior to this, Tmall


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