Double 11 can not avoid logistics sequelae shop delivery to wait for 9 days

"I ‘double’ eleven ‘to buy a cosmetic to be completed in," said a consumer to accept the new channel IT channel access. Indeed, every year, double eleven express will become slow delivery, this year is no exception. Beijing IT channel from a number of courier companies learned that this year, double eleven period, the shipment is expected to be delayed. Affected by a variety of factors, the delay is inevitable." Insiders also expressed. But Beijing has learned from multiple sources, this year no large-scale courier warehouse explosion.

double eleven sequelae highlight: it is the express delay

in the "double eleven" after a variety of comments, express delay was Tucao most of A. This year is no exception, the State Post Bureau official website article pointed out that to distinguish West Yuantong express company as an example, this year "double eleven" express business volume surge effect has emerged, since November 11th, its shipment volume has reached about 3 times daily.

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released the State Post Bureau data show that the "double eleven" period (November 11th to 16), express business volume whole industry processing will reach 586 million, an increase of nearly 70%; the double eleven day post, courier business Lanshou express parcel 88 million 600 thousand.


express surge in the number, but according to several media interviewed found that the explosion did not occur. Shen Tong enterprise development department deputy director Shen Tao Beijing IT channel, said, from the current development situation, is expected in the next few days and will not appear massive explosion.

Shen Tao said that the preparatory and courier companies related to Shen Tong, for example, "double eleven" before doing site, human and vehicle three resources "are ready to expand, so basically every courier companies". But because of the ‘double eleven’ huge volume of orders, courier delivery is bound to be no longer normal than the norm, the delay is basically a definite courier." Shen Tao said.

Beijing IT channel and call tact, SF, EMS logistics company, responsible for the consultation work of the staff said, "double eleven" users during the receive shipment time will be extended, but there is no warehouse explosion, did not stop the recipient. EMS customer service also stressed that sent from other regions of the Beijing region affected by the larger express."

as for the reasons for the delay, Shen Tao said that the main reason is the surge in the number of orders, Shen Tong 2012 double eleven during a single day deal with the peak value of 2 million, this year has become a $30 million 500 thousand. "This is multiplied, the pressure is not small." In addition, this is also a courier companies this year ‘double eleven’ countermeasures. This courier companies to implement a "split" and "peak" measures, "diverted" is to reduce some of the core station pressure; "peak" refers to the "double eleven" before the agreed partial shipment and electricity supplier, stagger the peak." Shen Tao said, this can prevent the warehouse explosion, but the user may extend the collection time.

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