How much of the new economic potential of a large number of electricity supplier enterprises have be

March 21st, Alibaba China retail trade market in fiscal year 2016 total merchandise transactions (GMV) breakthrough of RMB 3 trillion yuan, is expected to exceed the fiscal year WAL-MART will become the world’s largest retail platform. With great power comes great responsibility, the Alibaba group in 2015 in the total tax 17 billion 800 million yuan, compared with the strong growth in 2014 to achieve 63%, which does not include Alibaba, Invest-holding Company, not including Taobao and Tmall platform businesses.


as an open platform and ecosystem construction of Alibaba, including the majority of merchants and third party service providers, logistics companies, warehousing companies and other ecosystem partners, are relying on the platform to expand business, pull a lot of employment, entrepreneurship, innovation and tax.

in this huge ecosystem, a large number of people in the growth of the electricity supplier Alibaba platform, tax performance is also quite good. The latest data provided by Alibaba, Tmall 10 business survey shows that in 2015 the tax of $1 billion 540 million, an increase of 60% over 2014. According to estimates, Taobao and Tmall pull new domestic demand, the upstream manufacturing tax revenue growth of nearly 180 billion yuan.

2016 national two sessions, Anhui, Wuhu, a company named three squirrels electricity supplier won the State Administration of Taxation, Wang Jun, the point of praise. Wang Jun in an interview with people’s Daily reporter said: "impressive, is part of the manufacturing sector including traditional manufacturing enterprises with" Internet plus "to achieve the depth of transformation. Anhui three squirrel Agel Ecommerce Ltd through electricity supplier model to build brand development market, rapid development. 2012 start-up only pay 125 thousand yuan tax, sharp increase of nearly $second in, to more than $43 million in 2015, doubling the number of consecutive years of growth". Three squirrels founder Zhang Liaoyuan told reporters that in 2016 the company pay taxes will be more than 100 million yuan, to create more benefits for the society, the primary goal is not sales of billions of three squirrels, a year can pay one hundred million, one billion is to reflect the three squirrels social value pursuit."

is more than three squirrels. The headquarters is located in Beijing Tongzhou high tech Zone is located in Ji’nan, Liebo starry, is located in Guangzhou Haizhu Yin (Department of beauty brands), the Internet is the Alibaba’s brand was born in, also is the main local taxes.

The United States

Group Chairman Fang Jianhua in the company’s 2016 annual meeting said: "last year, our cumulative contribution to the country tax revenue of nearly one hundred million, take a beauty exchange income, a part or social contributor." 2013 to 2015, the United States and the United States tax were 55 million 550 thousand, 76 million 20 thousand, 95 million 580 thousand.

addition, many companies to achieve the integration of online and offline, there are many traditional enterprises accounted for the proportion of electricity providers are getting higher and higher, their performance in terms of tax is also quite eye-catching. >


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